Body & Soul Fitness has also won my heart. B&S is where faith & fitness meet. I started as a student in their classes, ended up becoming an instructor, and now I am the DC metro Regional Director and Director of Communications for them! They are awesome! They offer some of the best fitness programming around--and every single class pushes the body, while it lifts the spirit. 

Want to learn more about any of the above? Contact me. Let me know how I can help spark inspiration for you on your wellness journey!


My nickname was once "Chispa."
("Chispa" means "spark" in Spanish.) I am an energetic person who is passionate about encouraging people to fuel and move their bodies optimally, so that they can get the most out of life. 

The Weston A. Price Foundation is one group that I love! They emphasize the importance of looking to the past for good health today. WAPF has tons of nutrition-related resources. That's why I launched the Wise Traditions podcast--to help get the word out!